The property is 110 hectares, about 1km for 1km. The kilometer downwards reaches the sea, it arrives at the old Aurelia and then there is the state-owned piece across the road to the water. The property has a road that leads to the Aurelia which can be driven by car.


There are 7 hectares of vines, five of which are dedicated to the red berry vineyard, two with white grapes and 5 hectares of olive groves. The red-bodied vineyard, with a single body, develops at an altitude ranging from 180 meters to 230 meters in a south-west and west direction. While the white grape vine grows at 300 meters above sea level towards the south.

The Fortulla vineyards are surrounded by the splendid Mediterranean vegetation. This piece of Costa Toscana is characterized by holm oaks, genepri, arbutus, eucalyptus, brambles, rosemary, and many other bushes. We do not have farms near our vineyards, but only the scrubland, making our choice of organic more real and truly in harmony with nature. The sea breeze keeps our grapes always dry and the height of the bush around it helps to create an ideal microclimate for our vineyards.


The choice of vines was dictated by our terroir and climate to give life to excellent wines, rich in fruit, sunny and balanced but always respecting the peculiarity of our vines. Our viticulture is practically done entirely by hand, respecting nature and its fruits, up to the final step of the harvest.