The wine brand, which already by its name brings you back to the ancient history of this corner of Campania, was born in 2004. The goal of the founders was, since the beginning, to spread the extraordinary product of the vineyards cultivated on “Piede Franco” just like Greek tradition.

Quarto Miglio is a wine-growing company that focuses on the product’s quality, in an area that for millennia has been the cradle of a wine of excellence, the one of the Phlegrean Fields. The name of the company comes from a milestone marked with the word “quartum” which refers to the Roman IV Mile, a unit of measurement that marks the distance between the city of Pozzuoli and the actual Quarto, along the ancient road Consolare Campania that connected Pozzuoli to Capua. The Phlegrean Fields, land where the vineyards are born, are a sky open archaeological museum surrounded by extinguished craters and farmed land, in a sweet and varied landscape, with the underlying magma that gives fertility to the land and liveliness to the wine, all helped by a mild climate, ideal ally of viticulture.

The Verde family, heart of the company IV Miglio, has cultivated for generations the art of wine, preserving the importance of vine and its fruit, guaranteeing a quality product that contains the culture and flavors of the territory.