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Wine Spots

Wine Spots Cuvee 38

Wine Spots Cuvee 38

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Wine Spots

Wine Spots Napa Valley Red Wine is a classic Bordeaux-styled wine, exhibiting the strength and structure of Old World varietals with the finesse and floral signature of Napa Valley. This is an expressive wine, with dark cherry, cassis, and blackberry flavors that are enhanced by French oak aging, further contributing to the balance, silky tannins, and lingering finish.


Napa Valley, while small in size, produces some of the finest wines in the world. Old World varietals thrive here, reflecting their classic characteristics while showcasing the diversity of Napa Valley's sub-appellations, each with their unique micro-climate and complex soils. These appellations gravelly, well-drained hillside soils, which are exposed to sunlight at low temperatures, produce wines with a dense palate and great structure.


Situated on the 38th parallel, the Napa Valley enjoys a dry Mediterranean climate, creating vintage-to-vintage consistency that is ideally suited for Bordeaux varietals. The Cuvée 38 captures the distinctive characteristics of this famed parallel in a traditional Right Bank Bordeaux blend comprised of Merlot, Cabernet Sauvignon, Cabernet Franc, and Malbec. The result is a true expression of the distinctive characteristics of Napa Valley and Old World varietals.


Enjoy with heavy dishes like roast beef, grilled steak, hearty meat stews and hard cheeses.


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