Sesta Di Sopra wines are a gift of the land, the culture and the Spina family vision designed, above all, to give pleasure.


South of Siena, near Montalcino and the ancient village of Castelnuovo della Abate, the 44-hectare estate of Sesta Di Sopra is a gem of the Tuscan countryside.


This area, once farmed by the Etruscan people, enjoys an ancient history of viticulture. Embracing this heritage, the winery’s logo includes an Etruscan symbol depicting the sun, based on a relic found on the grounds of the farm. In 1980, the Spina family took an old farmhouse and some olive groves, and began the work of creating the Sesta Di Sopra winery in this ideal vine-growing setting, with its favourable soil composition and microclimate.

The Spina family believe themselves to be custodians of the land and its biodiversity.


In the Sesta Di Sopra vineyards, the exquisite and high-quality Sangiovese Grosso grapes are cultivated.

The vines flourish in the mainly calcareous soil and the emphasis is on low production yields and the highest quality of harvest.

The grapes are handpicked with great care to guarantee the integrity of the product. The winemaking process is traditional, while utilising modern agricultural techniques to ensure product quality.

The resulting wines are award-winning Tuscan reds that showcase the great power of the Sangiovese grape.