The Cabernet grapes were picked by hand, and after the removal of the stems, were subjected to pre-fermentation cold maceration, to favor the extraction of varietal aromas, color and the subtler and sweeter tannins.
The fermentation and maceration were conducted at controlled temperature and lasted about two weeks, during which times we performed frequent short pump overs.

After racking off the wine was decanted in concrete tanks, small tronco conic vats, and small oak barrels to age for a period of about 8 months.
The wine has a ruby red, intense, and bright color. The nose has intense varietal notes, especially green pepper and, hay, fruity notes of morello cherry and plum, and spices.

Soft on the palate, this flavorful wine’s elegant tannins give it a pleasant structure and persistent finish.

Food pairings: Ideal for pasta dishes with meat and red sauces, red meat plates and stews. We recommend a serving a temperature of 16°-18° C.