Edo’s Corvina Rosè Metodo Classico




100% Corvina

Roller crushing and immediate separation of the colourless must, racking off and fermentation at 20°C.
In January, when the dried Corvina grapes used to produce our Recioto della Valpolicella are crushed, a certain amount of must (which has been left overnight in contact with the grape pomace) is extracted in order to produce the liqueur de tirage.
With the addition of the liqueur, the wine reaches 30 grams/litre of sugar as well as the desired colour.
The wine is immediately bottled and the bottles remain for over one year in a dark room at a controlled temperature.
Once the liqueur d’expédition (extracted from the must obtained from the dried Corvina grapes of the following year) is added, the winemaking is completed. The wine can be packed. EDO’S is ready!

Italian-style hors d’oeuvres (raw ham and melon, salami and figs, etc.). It makes an excellent aperitif, or can accompany a meal of white or boiled meats. It gives a touch of class when drunk in company, even outside the context of a meal.