Magnum Amarone Della Valpolicella Docg Riserva “1888”




Corvina, Corvinone, Rondinella, Oseleta and Croatina

Vinification is carried out sometime between the end of December and the end of February (depending on the vintage), using roller crushers and with partial destemming. The fermentation takes place in 2600-litre vats; the temperature, raised initially to 10 °C, stabilizes at around 15 °C till the end of the process.

The maceration is very long: it lasts over 40 days, with 1 délestage (aeration of the fermenting juice followed by re-soaking of the solid matter) every other day.
In June or July, after 2 rackings, the clear wine is transferred into 225 – or at most 500- litre oak barrels (20% of which are new). After one year an analytical and sensory examination determines whether or not the wine can become “Riserva” according to our strict quality standards. The wine remains in barrel for a few more years and subsequently in stainless steel tanks for six months for the final assemblage.
It then matures in bottle for at least one year.

Ideal with hearty meat and game dishes, as well as very mature and strongly-flavoured cheeses, accompanied with “mostarda” (Italian chutney) if you wish.
This ‘Riserva’ releases all of its power, with great elegance and perfect balance, when sipped in convivial company, during or after a meal, stimulating pleasant conversation or aiding quiet reflection. Always serve it in large crystal glasses.