Tenuta Monte San Giorgio is a young and innovative company founded in 2008 from the union of passion and love for the land and wine between the father Tarcisio Sormonta and the sons Anita, Luca and Alice.

The company takes its name from the “Monte San Giorgio” located in Albettone, a pleasant and sunny place, where the DOC Colli Berici vineyards grow luxuriant on calcareous marl soil, formed in the Upper Cretaceous. The terroir promotes a good permeability and ability to retain the heat of the sun during the day and transfer it to the bunches at night. The fresh hilly climate, the seasonal thermal excursion and the good sun exposure help the slow ripening of the grapes, with the result of giving a more solid and more balanced product with more intense aromas and richer tastes.

In the plain estate, instead, the Colli Euganei DOC vineyards grow on calcareous-arenaceous-clayey soil, formed in the Eocene. The clay has the ability to absorb the water and to gradually give it to the roots, the composition of the soil gives the wine qualities of freshness, fragrance and fine fragrances.
Reaching the summit of Monte San Giorgio, you can enjoy a not negligible view of the Paduan-Vicenza plains and the unmistakable profile of the Euganean Hills.

The estate is the realization of a dream by the father Tarcisio, after a tenacious life of work and sacrifices started in 1966 with the commercial company ” Vinicola Sormonta ” well known and inserted in the wine market. The person, before the entrepreneur, has taught his children that wine is a living body and deserves to be treated with care. Last, but not least, the precious teaching of honesty and courtesy with the clientele, a corporate must, which, rightly today, allows him to say: “I am proud to have made so many sacrifices, to be able to offer people a product that speaks of life “.