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Bagnoli Group

The Bagnoli company is based in San Damiano al Colle, a small town located in the heart of the Oltrepò Pavese close to the Valle Versa , in a hilly area particularly suited to the cultivation of vines. It is a company in which the experience and great passion for wine have been handed down for four generations.

In 1986, the owner Ugo handed over the management to the current owners, his sons Fausto and Luigi who, after years of specialization studies in the agri-food and commercial fields, have become interpreters of the family's desire to enhance and transmit the precious role of the tradition of viticulture.

Care and passion

The family management of the company allows for meticulous care and attention both in the agronomic management systems of the plants and in the winemaking processes, which, combined with the great viticultural vocation of the area, contribute to the creation of wines of great character, elegance and of absolute quality .

The development of a new avant-garde operating structure, the adoption of innovative oenological techniques and continuous experimentation have allowed the company to exploit the full potential of the grapes, guaranteeing the highest quality level, preserving the genuineness of the product and enhancing the strong personality and the heritage of sensations that wine can give.


The journey of the Bagnoli Winery is long and exciting , it required time, effort and difficulty, but , inspired by the constant desire to achieve new professional goals , it has given rise to a magnificent synthesis between the ancient methodologies and the new knowledge of the sector.

To raise awareness and make known the great Oltrepò Pavese winemaking tradition and our wines, the Bagnoli Company is open with its reception point for guided tastings and visits to the vineyards.