Collection: Birra Gilac

Established in 2007 and run by a couple of entrepreneurs who have a long and comprehensive experience in the enterprise management, Gilac turns out to be one of the Italian craft brewers with greater solidity. The sales volume is increasing rapidly due to the increase of demand of both domestic and international customers, for the current year is expected to produce about 2,000 hectoliters divided among 12 different types of beer, all made without filtration nor pasteurization.

When it comes to beer, our idea is clear: we want our products to be "free", clean, good to drink, and we want to reach our customers with the aim to enjoy drinking.

Fully in line with the principles of Slow Food, Gilac rewards the expectations of consumers looking for quality and authenticity of the ingredients, respect for nature and the continuity of the traditions of beers. In full accordance with these core values, Gilac carefully respects the strict criteria and ancient methods, making all the products without shortcuts. Raw materials are carefully selected from all major suppliers around the world, looking for the quality of the end result, rather than convenience or price.

GILAC represents a new language in the boundless scenario of the brewery sector. It resets and redefines the usual. It takes the habitual concept of “beer” into another dimension. It becomes “design" in the form of a bottle.

Italian style, Italian taste!