Collection: Fred Jerbis

Fred Jerbis

The history, ideas, experiments and future projects of Opificio red: our brand spokesperson for the territory and producer of high quality artisan spirits and liqueurs. 

Fred's world reflects the soul of those who want to renew themselves  while maintaining a strong  bond with nature  and their origins. All the spirits, distillates and liqueurs of the Opificio Fred line are artisanal, created with natural ingredients of the highest quality, made by combining extraordinary aromas of authentic botanicals from Friuli Venezia Giulia. 

Fred stands for Frederick. Fred is an alchemist, in continuous dialogue with nature, a researcher who experiments with new combinations by renewing tastes. An herbalist who grows and takes care of plants day after day. 

Opificio Fred was born from Federico's passion for plants and nature. As a boy he loved walking in the woods of his land, picking medicinal and botanical herbs to make homemade liqueurs together with his mother Vanda. 

He begins by cultivating plants and spices in the meadows near his home, at the foot of the Friulian mountains, while at night he works as a barman in the bars. 

Fred is passionate about an ancient herbarium from 1946 and experiments with extraction techniques to create essential oils, timeless fragrances. 

In 2014 Fred opened his first laboratory in an old disused pharmacy in the center of Polcenigo (Pn), one of the most beautiful villages in Italy, where time passes at a slow pace. For the first time, the harvested plants become infusions and distillates. 

Here begins the period of study and research in the world of spirits. He starts his own botany project called “Fred Jerbis”: from the Friulian “Federico's herbs”.