Collection: Locanda Murales

Locanda Murales

At the beginning of 2000, Piero Canopoli together with his wife Giuliana Dalla Longa and their daughters Martina, Arianna and Greta, decided to transfer their lives to Piero's homeland, Sardinia. 

After a long career spent in the world of wine, from consultancy to sommellerie passing through marketing, in 2007, driven by an innate passion for the Gallura area, they decided to found a winery, initially starting from a cognitive commercial project, then , over the years and with the constant growth of the business, in 2010 transforming everything into a WINE TOURISM production company dedicated to hospitality and communication, based at the gates of the Costa Smeralda.

The 25 hectares of vineyards managed in a natural way and above all with respect for biodiversity and the incessant stimuli have pushed the family to create differentiated products based on quality and always closely linked to the terroir.

Experimentation is the energy that drives them today, and that prompted them to go beyond wine, betting on the idea of ​​having young daughters, to close the circle and transform production waste into a resource.

Thus the ACINI NOBILI by MURALES cosmetic line was born from marc and grape seeds, elements rich in beneficial properties, also based on the desire to respect the environment and to create top quality products capable of leaving any user enormously satisfied.

They are also the first to bring Vinotherapy to Sardinia with the aim of dedicating these cosmetics and the wine itself to the well-being of guests with exfoliating treatments with dried pomace, and a bath in the Cannonau.