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Guado al Melo

Rute Bolgheri DOC Rosso

Rute Bolgheri DOC Rosso

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RUTE is a very elegant aged red wine, which can have a long life if well-conserved. Best storage is in a dark and fresh place, in a lying down bottle.  

We suggest serving it at around 18°C (64°F), waiting for some time after uncorking.  

It is excellent on pairing with in-tense flavor food. 

VINTAGE 2019: a year of climatic contrasts but generally exceptionally good. After a rainy winter, the spring started hot and dry, and then become a May of rain and low temperatures, with a delay in all the subsequent phases of the vine cycle. The summer had peaks of great heat, but without humidity. The harvest period was a little later than usual, always characterized by the good weather. Merlot was harvested on September 18th, Cabernet Sauvignon between October 2nd and 3rd. An intense Rute was born, but also very elegant, rich in aromas and body, with complex perfumes and good persistence. 

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