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Euphoria SRL

Amaro Artista

Amaro Artista

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Euphoria Amaro

There are tales. And some of them are as extraordinary and timeless. This one starts with a dusty trunk in a dark attic. An abandoned chest with a scrap of paper – a remnant- depository of the most power secret of all: Inspiration

The legend narrates how


from every corner of the Old World,
came to Livorno to drink a mysterious amber elixir, one that forged their most inspired works.

The “quintessence of creativity

this is what they called it: an herbal digestif liqueur with reminiscent notes of old traditions, messenger of creative artistic sparks and inspiring ideas.

One of the old stories going round a pub told, amongst clouded memories of bygone times of an artist with a raised glass, ready to toast to great strokes of genius and, who knows, how many lost loves. As commonly happens in every tale where fantasy and reality merge and confuse, soon enough that extraordinary elixir got lost.

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