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Cascina Boschetti Gomba

Barolo DOCG 'Sernie' Magnum

Barolo DOCG 'Sernie' Magnum


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Cascina Boschetti

Barolo Sernie 

Vinification: soft destemming and crushing, maceration on skins for almost 15 days and temperature-controlled fermentation, maturing in fine grain oak cask, then in stainless steel. After bottling it refines in the bottle. 38 months after harvesting it is ready to be released. 

Color: ruby red with garnet hints  

Bouquet: persistent and penetrating with scents of rose and liquorice and spices  

Flavor: elegant, full-bodied, and austere with recurring olfactory sensations. Mineral spicy aftertaste 


Serve at a temperature of 18°C pouring into large glasses (balloon). After being for a long time in a bottle it needs oxygen, and it is better to swirl sometimes the wine in the glass while drinking. 

You will enjoy the fascinating evolution of perfumes and flavours. 

Food pairing 

Steaks, games, roast and stewed meats, dishes with truffle, aged cheeses. 


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