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Cantina di Solopaca

'Carrese' Aglianico del Sannio DOP Riserva

'Carrese' Aglianico del Sannio DOP Riserva


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Temperature : 16-18° 

Coloration : Intense Ruby Red

Denomination: Sannio DOP

Notes: The nose is complex, with pleasant hints of ripe red fruit and jam with hints of spice. The taste is enveloping, with a good persistence and pleasantly tannic.

Carrese (from wagon), this is how the craftsman who builds wagons was called. The "Carrese" is a tribute to all those artisans who, with their art, their passion and dedication to their native land, create real works of art for the typical Solopaca Grape Festival.

Vinification & Aging: The grapes are harvested by hand and transferred to the cellar; followed by destemming and partial crushing of the berries. Fermentation takes place at a controlled temperature in steel tanks. The maceration phase has an average duration of 21 days. The wine is aged in large Slavonian oak barrels and subsequently in tonneau for a period of 24 months; it is then bottled to continue the maturation.

Pairings: recommended with red meats and game.

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