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Villa Canestrari

Grappa di Amarone

Grappa di Amarone

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 Amarone, the king of wines, could only make the most exciting of grappas. The dried grape pomace is delivered to the distillery as soon as fermentation is over and it is still full of wine, and it is distilled the same day using discontinuous steam pot stills. Ageing in small oak barrels makes the distillate smoother, and the spicy notes the distillate thus obtains enhance the characteristics of the dried grapes. Its crystal-clear transparency invites you to taste it; the heady, clean bouquet is very concentrated, just like the grapes. The flavour is harmonious and full, warm and velvety. After a meal, this grappa, served alone or with coffee, makes a most natural digestif. Served chilled, it warms the soul; at room temperature, it refreshes the spirit.

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