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Villa de Varda

Grappa Gran Riserva 12 Generazioni

Grappa Gran Riserva 12 Generazioni


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Villa de Varda


The Grappa Gran Riserva 12 Generazioni was born from the union of two families with centenary experience in the world of distillation: The Dolzan family, 6 generations of Grappa distillers in Trentino and the Grant family, 6 generations of Scotch Whisky distillers in Speyside.

The secrets, the knowledge and the passion passed on from father to son for the distillation and the ageing of high level products have given rise to a unique and inimitable product: a Limited Edition Grappa Gran Riserva finished in selected oak casks previously used for the ageing of the Whisky Glenfarclas.

100% Pinot Noir grape skins from the Trentino region. Softly pressed and distilled straight after racking following the de Varda method. Aged for many years in oak, acacia and cherry wood and finished in the Glenfarclas Whisky casks.

Color: intense amber with bright yellow gold strikes

Nose: fine and intense with delicate hints of fresh pastries and sweet spices

Palate: exceptionally smooth, elegant and with a distinguished personality, delightful Whisky finish

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