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Villa de Varda

Grappa Vecchia Riserva Vibrazione

Grappa Vecchia Riserva Vibrazione

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Valle de Varda


This special grappa ages in barrels made in Spruce Wood from the Fiemme Valley in Trentino made exclusively for Villa de Varda. The unique wood, that grows in the area called “forest of violins”, is infact used for crafting the best violins in the world. Stradivarius already knew and appreciated the qualities of this wood for the making of instruments for the great violinists of its time. Its extraordinary harmonic, aromatic and echo qualities have inspired the name VIBRAZIONI -italian for VIBRATIONS– for this unique Grappa Stravecchia.

Vibrazioni: the masterpiece of Villa de Varda

Grappa Vecchia Riserva Vibrazioni is selected and produced exclusively with Teroldego Rotaliano pomace harvested in Trentino. It is obtained by softly pressing the grape skins still dripping with wine and distilled immediately after racking. Distillation is performed very slowly, with the skill of an expert Master Distiller, using special discontinuous stills made in copper. The very special aging involves long periods in barrels made exclusively for Villa de Varda with Spruce from the Fiemme Valley in the Trentino Dolomites, a variety of wood rich of aromatic qualities. In the luxurious gift box with the 1.5lt bottle you will find a CD composed exclusively for Villa de Varda: an arrangement of music by Paganini played by the Violinist Salvatore Accardo using an original Stradivari violin.

100% Teroldego grape skins from the Piana Rotaliana in Trentino, softly pressed and distilled straight after racking

Color: intense amber with yellow gold strikes

Nose: complex, rich, extremely fine and elegant with intriguing olfactory sensations of woods, toasted almonds, cocoa, vanilla, fresh pastries, enriched with floral notes of wisteria, magnolia and fruity scents of prunes, blackberry and very ripe red fruits

Palate: smooth, long, with great aromatic persistence, lovely bouquet of fruity, floral and toasted notes with a light finish of resin given by the particular type of wood used for the ageing

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