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Volto Nuovo Rose

Volto Nuovo Rose

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“Volto Nuovo” can have the same combinations as a young white wine; it goes very well with fish, appetizers (especially seafood salads), but also with white meats and dishes that are not too structured. Thanks to its freshness, marked effervescence and great freshness, the rosé wine is also very well suited as an aperitif.

"Volto Nuovo" is also excellent in the kitchen to cook grilled meat or prepare tasty sauces to season excellent dishes. The intense pink color of "Volto Nuovo" recalls that of May roses; therefore it recalls spring and the subsequent advent of summer; for this reason Rosé is considered the wine of the summer, an excellent companion with which to quench your thirst at lunch or dinner during long hot and muggy days, perhaps spent in the pool or even working. A wine with a basically "feminine" taste, it is excellent to accompany dinners or lunches in good company, romantic evenings or even honeymoons. 

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