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Conti Ducco



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From the Roman emperor Domiziano, the wine tradition of Conti Ducco developed during the time of the Olivetan monks to today's generations: Count Piero, the founder of the 1967 estate, and his son Giorgio, pioneer of innovation and incessant improvement. The winery is in an opportunistic geographical location, close to a nearby lake and natural soil fertility. All these positive factors make it possible to increase the potential of Chardonnay and Pinot Noir vines. They specialize in producing high-quality Franciacorta wines, which are stored for years in caves located under the historic family villa.

Tasting note: Fine lingering perlage, intense, aromas of red berries.

Culinary recommendation: Goes well with antipasti, red meat or a tuna tartare.

Vinification: After a short maceration, the grapes are carefully pressed and then aged together with selected yeasts in stainless steel tanks, the second fermentation then takes place in the bottle for 54 months.

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