Collection: Conti Ducco

Conti Ducco


The historic abode of Conti Ducco arises in the heart of Franciacorta land. The magic of this 15th century villa lies in the ability of revealing the 1900 years magnificence of the noble family history. Here we can admire 47 prestigious rooms, countless frescoes and precious marbles.


From the Roman emperor Domiziano, throughout the olivetan monks, the wine tradition has wisely been transmitted until the two current generations: Count Piero, the estate founder in 1967 and his son Giorgio, pioneer of innovations and incessant improvements.


The wine excellence is the result of the harmony between natural and physico-chemical conditions, latitude and climate where vineyards grow up. Our wine property is composed by the opportune geographical position, the lake proximity and the natural soil fertility. All these positive factors allow us to enhance the potential of our Chardonnay and Pinot Noir vines.


The grapes ripe within our owned 130 hectars which cover three different districts. Conti Ducco, one of the widest Franciacorta estate, has identified 28 specific crus, each one unique for its cultural and pedoclimatic characteristics.

This work is highlighted by a rigorous respect for the environment and a concept of sustainable and integrated agriculture.