Collection: Feudo Ramaddini



In the Ramaddini vineyards, which slope gently from the Noto plateau towards the sea of ​​Marzamemi, the link with the past is reconstructed through cultivation with the traditional sapling method and with the more modern counter-espalier training method. The result of meticulous work of the highest level, the quality of the wines is also the result of the convergence of a series of natural factors such as the benevolence of the climate, the incomparable work of light and the geographical position. The influence of two seas, the Mediterranean to the south and the Ionian to the east, whose saltiness is deposited on the vines by the wind, in fact favors the enrichment and ripening of the grapes. Furthermore, the fertility of the basically calcareous soil which hides a substratum of lava due to the presence of volcanoes in the area is decisive.