Collection: Sesta di Sopra

Sesta di Sopra

A favourable circumstance allowed us to buy an abandoned farmhouse in a place we had always considered 'magical'. 

As in all projects, there was an immediate need to reconcile desires and economic means, without ever giving up the behaviours dictated by our culture.  

In this place, the wisdom of the peasants has always identified the vocation for the cultivation of the vine, ever since the ancient Etruscans, to whom we owe the cultivation of rows of vines.  

So we also tried wine cultivation and wine production.  

The results were immediately very good, and we began to export, obtaining the means and the confirmation to continue our project. 

The vine has taught us wisdom, and, in the field, we have had confirmation of what our 'elders' have always taught us: hard work, respect and honesty. 

Just as in the vineyard, before the harvest, we look for maturity, for the truth of a year of long work, at the end of our lives in the light of that truth we will discover why.