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Guado al Melo

ATIS Bolgheri Superiore DOC

ATIS Bolgheri Superiore DOC

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Guado al Melo

The artisan wine ATIS expresses our Genius Loci, the Spirit of the Place: the Tuscany of Bolgheri, made of hills and sea, our expertise of artisan winemakers, wonderful little parts of vineyard selected one by one, stratifications of history and culture.

VINEYARD: Atis is born from selected micro-parcels of our vineyards Campo Grande and Campo Ferro, with Cabernet sauvignon (80%), Rebo (15%) and Cabernet franc (5%).

The vineyards are among the woody hills of Bolgheri, on the first slopes of the Segalari Hill, in a little valley with direction East-West, marked by the Fossa di Bolgheri stream. We manage them with care and expertise, according to the best practices of sustainable viticulture.

CLIMATE: Mild-Mediterranean, windy. In the hilly area, there is the cooler climate of the territory, with a broad day-night temperature differentials on summer.

SOIL: alluvial, very deep, sandy-clay, with some more clay areas, rich of pebbles.  

PRODUCTION: Each parcel is harvested and fermented separately. Our work is artisan, done with the utmost attention to detail and the aim of enhancing the territorial characteristics of the selected grapes. Aging took place for 24 months in old oak barrels on the lees, with weekly stirring. It is clarified with some racking (not filtered). Then, there is an aging in bottle for at least one year, in the best conditions of storage.

ATIS is an important red wine that can have a very long life if well-conserved. Best storage is in a dark and fresh place, in a lying down bottle.  

We suggest serving it at 18°C (64°F), waiting for some time after uncorking. This wine is alive, and it should be tasted slowly, feeling how it changes in the glass while it oxygenates.  

It is excellent by itself or pairing with intense flavor food. 

VINTAGE 2009: On the hills of Bolgheri, on alluvional soil, with good pebble-gravel texture and moderate clay content. Mediterranean climate refreshed by sea winds, in summer significant temperature range between day and night. Grapes of selected vineyard parcels vinified without correctives or additives which would alter the original characteristics of the grapes. Refined sur-lie for 24 months in barrique (only 10% new) and almost 12 months in bottle. 

VINTAGE 2013: The winter and spring were quite rainy and cool, with below-average temperatures until flowering, causing some delay in vine development that was then reflected in a later than usual harvest. In contrast, the summer was very hot, with even high peaks, and dry. The 2013 gave us an extraordinary ATIS, thanks to the balanced vintage, although a bit prone to heat. The important thing is the care in the vineyard, which facilitates the vines to find the ideal productive balance. Indeed, with a bright purple-red color, ATIS is powerful but supported by good freshness. In the mouth it is very intense and full, it has structure but also elegance and great length. It has complex aromas reminiscent of blueberry, black cherry, spices, myrtle, coffee, mint, and cinchona. 

VINTAGE 2015: Our work is artisanal, done with competence, experience, and the utmost attention to detail, with the aim of enhancing the territorial characteristics of the grapes. We selected the best parcels of our more interesting DOC Bolgheri vineyards. Merlot has been harvested on September 2nd, the Cabernet franc on October 3rd and the cabernet sauvignon two days after. The selected grapes have been de-stemmed and pressed very softly, within a few minutes from the harvest, without adding sulfur dioxide to maintain the biodiversity of the yeasts. Fermentation and maceration were favored with frequent manual punching down. The maceration lasted 10-15 days. Aging took place for 24 months in used oak barrels (225 and 500 liters), on the lees (on the yeasts). Each barrel was stirred manually once a week. After the aging, the wine was gradually subjected to several decanting to clear it (then it is not filtered). At the end, ATIS was reconstituted in a large tank and left to mix in a natural way for about 4 months. Finally, we refined it in the bottle for 14 months, in the best storage conditions. The addition of sulfites is minimal. 

VINTAGE 2016: it was a very interesting one. There was a perfect weather all around the year: a mild winter, a quite rainy and cool spring, a hot and windy summer with some little rain that cooled down the season’s end. The good weather continued the entire harvest time. We harvested the Merlot on 12 September, one week later the Cabernet franc and the Cabernet sauvignon during the first week of October. The very good vintage has originated a very elegant ATIS, at the same time rich in body and powerful. It is a complex wine, rich of personality, and very persistent. 

VINTAGE 2018: it is counted among the "cool" vintages for our territory. Winter and spring were very rainy, so there was no lack of water in the summer, hot and dry as usual (but without excess). The maturation was very long and regular. In the second half of September, there was a particular event: the north-east wind blew for a long time, lowering the temperatures by almost 10 degrees (up to 20°C), always with sunny weather. The cool and dry period completed the character of extreme elegance and complexity of this wine. We harvested Rebo and Cabernet franc in the last week of September, ending with Cabernet sauvignon on Sept. 30th. 

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