Collection: Fortulla


In 1994 Fulvio Martini brought back to life an abandoned property in an enchanted location on the Tuscan coast. The uncultivated land has been planted with olive orchards, vineyards and Mediterranean scrub – while the ruins of the old farm house have been tastefully restored into a boutique hotel.

The Fortulla Estate is a natural paradise of gorgeous Mediterranean scrubland, where you can see the patient work of the soil and its fruits.  Fortulla is situated in an area that has been recognized as “site of national interest” due to its precious bio-diversity, thanks to the Bioitaly project undertaken in compliance with the EEC Habitat Directives. In our area we have, just to give an example, 35 different species of birds and in spring the blossoms of several indigenous shrubs. 

With the planting of seven hectares of vineyards, two of which were white grapes for the productions of Vermentino, Viogner and Petit Manseng and five hectares of red grapes for the production of Cabernet Sauvignon, Cabernet Fran and Merlot.  The entire farm is organic.  We created two reservoirs to collect rainwater due to the shortage of rain in the summer. With the renovation of the old farmhouse, now a welcoming countryside relais, the hill has reborn by integrating the presence of man and cultivation in the harmony with nature.

In 2003 Fulvio Martini, after much dreaming, researches and vicissitudes, decided to start making his dream of vineayrd into reality.  He called engineers winemakers and surveyours to work, with bulldozers and excavators and shovels to clear a hill!  He decided that the scrub hill in front of the olive groves at Castiglioncello would become the site for his much dreamed vineyard.

Finally, the time came for the first harvest: September 2005! The grapes were very good and savory and Fulvio was happy and satisfied with his first harvest.  The first Fortulla label was named “anno zero”.  And from there we started to grow in viticulture and progress in our vinification.  The first Sorpasso label was created in 2008.

The intent was to make great quality wine in a small vineyard with the help of a skilled and creative enologist.   From the very first tests, we knew that the land would respond excellently to the cultivation of Bordeaux grapes such as Cabernec Franc and Cabernet Sauvignon, and the sea temperature helped the grapes ripen even better.  

In 2010 we decided to work the hill on the left of the red vineyard. We worked the hill and levelled it up to plant two hectares of white graped, namely Vermentino, Viogner and Petit Manseng.  This vineyard is in its habitat thanks to the great resistance to light and the coastal climate. 

We started the organic registration ( a three years long progress with changes of products used in the field and in the cellar) in the  in 2010 to guarantee that the plants are respected in their natural growth and productivity.  Our corporate philosophy embraces organic practices because we are convinced that this is the path of the future.  Starting with the preparation of the soil, our work has been carried out in the respect of organic principles, including planting our cuttings by hand.  Being organic reflects our way of thinking, defines the identity of our wines and sets us apart.