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Guado al Melo

Guado al Melo, a family-owned winery directed by Annalisa and Michele Scienza, is committed to the goal of producing great terroir wines, following a philosophy based on artisanality and sustainability. We are located in the Bolgheri DOC zone, in the Tuscan hills that face the Tyrrhenian Sea, immersed in a pristine natural landscape characterised by Mediterranean scrubland. 

The heart of our winery, completely underground and constructed in accord with ecological principles, is a Wine Library, which boasts several thousands of books about wine. Around it, in the vineyard and in the cellar, we have created a museum itinerary that tells the history and culture of the territory and of this product, through historical vineyards, books and ancient work tools, stories explained with panels and videos. 

Michele’s goal is to craft wines that are terroir-expressive, personal, and distinctive. Our wines are elegant, pleasurable, and well-balanced, their production achieved with artisanal meticulousness.

The heart of our wine portfolio is represented by the great red wines of Bolgheri: Bolgheri Superiore (Atis) embodies the best our vineyards have to offer, a perfect balance between elegance and forcefulness. The Bolgheri Rosso category is represented by two styles: Antillo, mainly with Sangiovese represents the most ancient soul of the territory, while Rute, a classic blend of Bolgheri the most contemporary one. Certainly worthy of note, however are the two “outliers,” unique and unusual wines made from a field blend from small vineyards in very limited quantities, like Jassarte (a unique red, absolute expression of the territory), and Criseo Bolgheri DOC Bianco (a great white wine for aging).

And, finally, our wines to enjoy on a daily basis, Bacco in Toscana and the white L’Airone (Vermentino).

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