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Villa Canestrari

Tradition and Research 

150 years of tradition is an important heritage: a wealth of experience and knowledge, stories, and values that we want to preserve and spread through our wines. 

Our vineyards lie in the Illasi Valley, where the limestone terrain of Valpolicella overlaps with the volcanic soil of Soave, allowing us to produce both types of wine. Thanks to the different microclimates, the soils produce grapes that highlight the typical characteristics of our wines and enable us to experiment with various kinds of ancient local grape varieties. 

The Story Of Villa Canestrari Began In 1888 

when Carlo Bonuzzi, the paterfamilias and owner of a large number of vineyards in the Illasi Valley, graduated from the Royal School of Winemaking at Conegliano Veneto, contributing to the evolution of an activity in which his family was already involved. It was he who began bottling and selling the wines that the family produced, as can be seen from some of the labels displayed in our wine museum. 

A Long-Standing Tradition 

This long-standing tradition was already in its third generation when, with the fusion of the Bonuzzi and Franchi families – both with more than 120 years’ history in the world of wine production – “Villa Canestrari” was created in the 1990s, becoming the trademark that encapsulated the new philosophy of the company, encompassing the typical characteristics of the local terroir, tradition, and quality. Today, the fourth generation carries on the hard work of our parents, grandparents, and great-grandparents in a precise, environmentally aware manner, preserving the passion for quality that has always characterized the family for over a century. 

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